D&R Shipwrights was first established by Dieter Runow in 1973 and has been operating out of Darling Point since. As a family owned and operated business, Runow’s son, Lars, was introduced to the marine industry as early as 1988 and went on to take up the company before his father’s death in 2005. Lars seeks to maintain the company’s values by upholding the same traditional work ethic of honest and reliable service.

His 30 years of experience has afforded the company a wealth of clients which testify to the highest quality craftsmanship in the Eastern suburbs. As a result D&R Shipwrights has earned a reputation for employing qualified shipwrights and tradesmen that offer the best customer service in Sydney’s marine industry.

Here at D&R Shipwrights we believe that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance which is why we take the time to ensure our clients are well informed on the details of their project. The results of our comprehensive maintenance and repair services are the reason why we’re confident that we know a little bit about customer service and a lot about boats.

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Here at D&R we owe our reputation for quality work and craftsmanship to the experienced shipwrights and tradesmen that have been employed under the D&R Shipwrights’ family. Our skill and professionalism is without equal because we have an expansive knowledge in all boat building materials, from traditional timber to fibreglass for all construction and repair.

Boat Restoration

Do you have an antique vessel that was once a jewel on the sea? An old boat that seems far beyond its prime? D&R Shipwrights can help to restore your once beautiful boat to its former glory with our boat restoration services. Our experienced technicians will work tirelessly to breathe life back into your boat to have you sailing the seas once again.

While beautiful, owning a timber boat can be tough work. Removing rot, replacing docking keels, sealing leaks and checking for worms are all part of its basic care and maintenance, which is why many timber boats experience a swift demise. Luckily, we specialise in timber work of all sorts and can revive your tired old boat into the vessel it was born to be. Traditional shipwright tasks such as caulking seams, replacing ribs, steaming timber to alter curve and roving with copper nails are just a few of the skills we possess.

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An important part of a boat’s restoration and maintenance is painting and varnishing and with over 30 years of experience you can be certain, we’ll have your vessel shining with a beautifully glossy finish. Our artisan painters have worked hundreds of restoration projects in the marine industry applying high quality finishes on wooden, fibreglass, carbon fibre & aluminium boats.

In saying that, nothing complements a flawless paint finish quite like a quality varnish. Regular varnishing is crucial for protecting the woodwork of your boat to keep it looking and operating at optimum capacity.

Alongside constant exposure to water, UV rays from the unforgiving Australian sun can cause an accelerated breakdown of varnish layers. You may have found that seemingly healthy layers of varnish have peeled off the woodwork of your craft. This is because the sun’s rays have penetrated the layers and caused fractures in its structure, allowing water to enter and separate the layers from one another.

By sanding back a layer or two of varnish and reapplying a generous coat you can easily prevent peeling and further damage. If your boat spends a lengthy amount of time in the sun, you may need to repeat this process two or three times a year in order to seal any cracks and prevent the wood from deteriorating.


Teak is used almost exclusively in boat building because of its durability and low maintenance. The teak has a tendency to wear into the softer 'summer' growth bands first, forming a natural 'non-slip' surface.

As timber boat experts we know to only ever wash the teak with salt water, and re-caulk when needed, in order to maintain the health and integrity of the material.

This cleans the deck, prevents it from drying out and the stops the wood from shrinking. The salt helps it absorb and retain moisture, and prevents any mildew and algal growth.

Here at D&R Shipwrights we specialise in the replacement and installation of new teak decking to give your marine craft the edge it’s always needed.



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